Your Special Event Deserves a Photographer:
Introducing: That’s Phat Photography

By: Bill Newsome

DSC_0116Often times when we have a memorable event occur in our lives, we want to celebrate it with loved ones and friends. It’s a natural reaction. We also want to share that special time with those that were unable to attend the event for some reason. We often take pictures to document the moment and share those pictures with our crew! In the past, we could only have pictures printed and then we would have to mail them to our family and friends, which added to the cost as well as it took forever for them to see them. We also had to make so many copies to give everyone the opportunity to share in the moment.
Today however, we have digital media! We can take pictures and share them instantly, with friends and family through social media, text and email! What a great concept!

Taking photos with your cell phone and posting them to Facebook and Twitter is great! Why then, would you need a photographer to shoot an event for you?

Here’s some reasons why. When you’re at an event and having fun, you’re doing just that, having fun! You may have your phone handy to where you can get a shot of something funny happening or special but often times you don’t get that shot. Or, you get only parts of it while you get your phone ready! You may get the shot but the light may not be sufficient or too much to get a great shot and there are no do overs! Once the moment has passed, it’s gone forever. You can’t really say “hey, fall like that again, I didn’t get a picture of it!” 
A photographer shooting an event is not preoccupied by participating in the event. Their sole purpose for being there should be to capture the special moments, with good lighting, at the right angles and as they happen so you can be a part of the scene instead of missing out on the fun! The photographer can also be in other places in the event that you’re not. So many more scenes, moments and actions are captured than what you may just happen to witness in the event.

“She must really think a lot of her child to hire a photographer for their birthday party…”

Hiring a professional photographer also makes a huge statement to your guests and friends that this time with them is so special that you want to document it in the best way possible and that they are worth it! At just $75.00 for a 2 hour block of time, it’s a bargain to capture images that will forever bring back fond memories! You already know “That’s Phat Photography” produces some very high quality digital images that can be printed or shared on multimedia, as well as stills and video formats that will give you a variety of media options.

Pricing for Digital Photos
Event Photography

We start with a pre-event consultation, over the phone or in person to determine the specifics and to understand your needs before signing a contract.

One Hour: $45.00
Two Hour: $75.00
Three Hours: $125.00
Four Hours: $200.00

  •  50% down at contract signing time to schedule the shoot.
     Includes all photos and video clips shot during this timeframe.
     The photos will receive minor editing if needed such as brightening, sharpening and noise reduction if needed.
     Your photos will be delivered to you with all intellectual property rights within 24-48 hours.

Make it special…

Make your next event even more special, have an experienced photographer shoot it for you! That’s Phat can capture those great moments and produce you some awesome digital images, video clips and even produce you a photo book with all your favorite shots in it to put on your coffee table and wow your friends and guests. We shoot barbeques, graduation celebration, birthday parties, weddings and more! Everyone will reminisce and re-live the good times each time they see the professional images. Contact us today and schedule your event right now @ 904-753-2610!